What We Do

We help our clients create the most effective and engaging web-based training systems on Earth. Our interactive virtual training system provides the foundation for quickly creating and deploying a world-class training experience like no other.


One-Stop Shop

Our “white glove” services include:
LightSpeed VT Studio Slate
LightSpeed VT Studio Slate


We have an in-house studio, the best equipment and all of the people to run it! Our in-house production services allow you to create high-quality, graphic-rich, full-motion video for what most people pay for a voice-over powerpoint. We can also help with writing scripts, booking talent and deciding what you’re going to have for lunch!

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Our Studio

LightSpeed VT Design Team


Our design team consists of digital Picassos. We can help you create a gorgeous private label for your VT system or produce world-class marketing materials with a logo to boot! All of your design needs are covered in one place, LightSpeed VT!

LightSpeed VT Design Team


If you are a client that is planning on selling your content, we have an in-house marketing team that can help you get traction right out of the gate. From drip campaigns to interactive landing pages and from Facebook ads to explainer videos, we can help! Our team has 17 years of experience seeing what works and what doesn’t. Why go in blind when we’ve got a map?


If you aren’t winning, we aren’t winning – so rest assured that our client care team is here to help! All of our client care and technical specialists are in-house and ready to answer your call! Because of the stability of our technology, 99.9% of the time they have nothing to do…so please, call if you need us and give them something to do!