Upselling or Cross-Selling, which is right for you?

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What is the meaning of upselling and cross selling? Upselling is the practice of encouraging the purchase of anything that would make the primary purchase more expensive, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. In the world of online course sales upselling is your friend! Did you know, upselling works 20 times better than cross-selling? Once buyers have specific course content in mind, they don't really want to be distracted by something else. They are there to learn a specific skill. However, offer them a product or service that makes their first choice better and [...]

Fundamental Learning Center and the Launch of their New Training System

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This week we’ve just finished the final pieces of our project for Fundamental Learning Center, and we’re super excited to get this out into the world. The company is releasing their new Sound Case learning package, which is a comprehensive, all-in-one tool that teaches reading for kids and students who suffer from reading disabilities. This reading instruction program was designed especially with dyslexic children in mind. They emphasize tactile engagement with students, as well as tailoring specific teaching instructions for specific students. Featuring 33 lesson plans for children ages 7-13, this new program is research tested and proven [...]

Video Training vs. Traditional Training

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Video Training vs. Traditional Training THE TRUTH – By Eddie Martin Training has traditionally been about booking events, securing venues and managing travel arrangements. Substantial expenses with sometimes marginal returns on time and effort only to attempt to download a lifetime of one’s research and time into the minds of a classroom or audience. The problem is that it is not only an inefficient use of money but alone it is a disservice to both your company and your students. We used to feel the same way as you; we felt that these traditional methods were the only way [...]

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