You need to focus on segmentation and specificity in all your marketing efforts. There is no one-size-fits-all lead magnet, sales funnel, or webinar that is going to be a silver bullet. You need to give people what they want in exchange for their name, email, and in some cases cell phone. Once you get this coveted information, you need to segment this data.


Segmentation is using an automated process that is designed to separate your prospects into categories, so you can speak specifically to what their wants, likes, and interests are.


My name is David. I’m a marketer. But I consider myself to be more of a glorified sales rep. Every day I work with elite subject matter experts. What I find to be true is that we all know what we know. What I also find, is that we all don’t know what we don’t know. This is especially true when it comes to Offline to Online Marketing strategies. It’s easy to get people from the real world to opt in to your sales funnel. But, the real challenge that I see time and time again is how to segment the people coming in, and to speak to them in a way which is real to what their need is.


Segmentation and specificity are the keys to drive higher conversions in your marketing strategies. So what the hell do I mean by this? It’s simple. Give the people what they want. It sounds so easy. However, execution of this is not. I see funnels and lead magnets that are endless loops that don’t build upon someone’s interest or tell the story that the person wants to hear. There is no specificity, and the marketing reflects what the subject matter expert wants to tell them and not what the prospect wants to hear.


For example, a client that we represented had a very difficult time reaching customers as evidenced by their open rates, click-throughs, and ultimately, conversions, which is how we as marketers get judged. When we started to look at the data there were very strong opt-in rates from the entry points. However, there was no segmentation. In this case, the funnel that was made didn’t take into account that the way you market to B2B is much different from how you market to B2C. The funnel and all the messaging around tried to play to all sides.


Any great performer knows that you play to the side of the crowd that likes you most. If you try and please everyone, and play in the middle, you piss off everyone. Or in this case you get poor results. Which is exactly what happened. Here is a graphic that will show you how to separate B2B and B2C segments.


B2B vs B2C

In my world segmentation and specificity are easy with the right data and tools. However, easy is expensive. But what is more expensive is continuing to do the same thing you have been doing.





About David: 

David Delgado is a Marketing Automation and Sales Expert. He has implemented strategic market segmentation resulting in millions of dollars of revenue for his clients. These strategies include Offline to Online Strategies, Mobile Text Technology, Facebook Ads, Lead Magnets, and Automated Sales Funnels.