Professional speakers know that size does matter. The size of your audience directly corresponds with your revenue stream.

However, broadening your audience generally requires that you invest your money, invest your time, and invest your efforts to create the ultimate worldwide audience… and sometimes, that doesn’t even work.

So, what is the most effective way to expand your audience? Check out these two ways you can create recurring revenue as a professional speaker.

Go Virtual & Train Virtually Everyone

LightSpeed VT is a training solutions company that takes your scalable content and creates web-based training modules that engages users with interactive components within lessons.

Whether your content includes customer service training, leadership, business development, or self-improvement, LightSpeed VT can scale it down, and create state-of-the-art training modules to help you broaden your audience.

Don’t Discount Millennials

If you’ve noticed your audience thinning out over the course of time, you may want to check your target audience demographics. Have you been discounting Millennials?

If you have, you are discounting the audience of the future…literally.

If you have been reworking your material to attract Millennials, it is time to focus on your training platform. We know Millennials are tech-savvy learners who crave interactivity. They are less likely to show up to see a keynote speaker, and more likely to check out the highlights on YouTube, or stream it live from their living rooms.

For this reason, your training medium or user interface of choice is essential to expanding your audience.

The interactive training modules that LightSpeed VT creates aren’t passive videos like the average LMS you see. LightSpeed VT’s platform was designed to engage users for optimum training results and retention.

It is time to market beyond your market. Attract the younger audience in order to expand your audience. When your training goes virtual, you can train virtually everyone. For more information on how LightSpeed VT can help you broaden your audience, check out their corporate website at