Whether you are a professional speaker, a corporate trainer, or a network marketing company, you know that the right training can increase profitability and reduce overhead.

Brad Lea, CEO of LightSpeed VT realized this long ago, and knew that there were more effective methods of training…they just didn’t exist yet.

LightSpeed VT was founded out of necessity, in a world where most Learning Management Systems promised results through passive one-time videos. Lea knew that an LMS couldn’t train users properly, because trainees learn through repetition, become engaged by interactivity, and retain more information through accountability.

Take a look at Brad Lea’s story in the video below.

LightSpeed VT creates fully interactive training modules to help you engage your audience, engage your employees, and engage your clients.

For more information on how LightSpeed VT can help you increase recurring revenue and leverage your expertise, visit their corporate site at LightSpeedVT.com.