I’m sure you heard the rumor…. the attention span of a Millennial is shorter than that of your goldfish. Well, according to Time.com, this isn’t just a rumor anymore.

As more Millennials join the workforce, a new education issue is arising: how do we train new employees if they cannot focus? Well… This is where interactive learning comes into play.

You Have 8 Seconds to Engage Your Audience

Ready, set, go! There isn’t much you can accomplish in 8 seconds, especially when you need to train your employees.

Imagine telling your trainees eight seconds worth of information at a time. That doesn’t seem like effective training, now does it? That’s because it isn’t.

So, how do you make your training more effective?

When They Interact, Trainees Learn & Retain Information

Strong and effective training requires interaction. Having users actively engage in training materials is the only way to ensure you have their attention.

LightSpeed VT is a training solutions company that creates interactive platforms to provide you with the ultimate in interactive training technology.

Each system is created with advanced testing mechanisms that include accountability features. You will be able to track, measure, and monitor your employee progress throughout the training period.

When Trainees Retain Information, They Are Inspired to Learn

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are learning something. This is something your employees will experience as they work through the courseware you provide.

When millennials know that they can retain information, they will be inspired to move forward with training. A sense of accomplishment is essential to the learning process.

For more information on how LightSpeed VT can help you increase recurring revenue and leverage your expertise, visit their corporate site at LightSpeedVT.com.